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Seriously cool & fresh concept for a cosplay video. It was fun to do!

This happened….year made

This happened….year made




Tiny Dinosaur wanted to help out with awareness so he made a tiny presentation.
Suggestions for improvements are very welcome, he has never made a presentation about asexuality before and he wants to make sure he gets it right.

Oh no, oh no, cutest explanation ever, and very good. ;A; Very good Tiny Dinosaur! 

Oh how cute is this.

Been away for a while. Hi!

Been away for a while. Hi!


Aliens are attacking the earth and it’s down to the Sneaky Zebra boys to save the planet, the only issue is they need a little motivation! Cue the one and only Mark Meer ( The voice of Commander Shepard from Mass Effect) , the man with voice that can turn any speech into a motivational war cry!

Brand new video from us! Please RB if you like it!

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George Takei responds to “traditional” marriage fans. 

George Takei is flawfree.

Go George


Doctor Who - Adventures in Time & Spice!

(Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BeavOKSrH4 ) 


I like playing Jedi from time to time. ^-^

My Aayla Secura cosplay from October MCM Expo and London Super Comic Con!

Credit to Darren Rowley, Andrei Guiamoy and C.G.K.R Photography for these incredible photos :)

I really love being a twi’lek I wish I could bring her out more!


Loki goodness

So, yeah, it’s about time I got some Loki stuff done, so next week I’m restarting on Avenger’s Loki. Leather this time, and it’s not going to be crazy accurate because I don’t have a die to emboss the leather so I’ll just have to be well god at characterisation …yeah..that’ll work!